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        Chinese Herbal Medicine


            Salamander [Andrias davidianus (Blanchard)] is the rare and precious amphibian in the world, it has been included in the national second-class protected animals (1959) and international endangered species. Salamander has a good value of economic development, medicinal and ornamental, and also the significant scientific value in the study of biological evolution. For the low breeding rate of salamander, and the destruction of the ecological environment, the rampant overfishing of human, its resources at risk of extinction. Therefore, strengthen the protection and development of wildlife, raise environmental protection awareness, study of the biological habit of the salamander intensively, master the breeding and farming techniques of salamander has a profound significance.    

            Salamander is a rare and precious wild animal with great economic development and academic values, its economic value embodied in the edibleness, medicines, and ornamentation etc. And the edible value lies in its delicious meat that belongs to a rare delicacies and has been considered as the rare tonic in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asian markets for its miracle effective at strengthening the human body. It was analyzed that protein in salamander meat contains 17 kinds of amino acids and 39.69% of content, which is higher than beef and deer meat. Salamander’s medicinal value was recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica “. Based on the modern clinical observations, it has a notable curative effect on anemia, fok breast, dysentery, malaria and epilepsy etc. Salamander can help in enriching yin and nourishing kidney, strengthening body, circulating qi and replenishing blood. According to reports: the most effective anti-cancer drug can be extracted from the salamander mechanical body. People often mix the salamander skin powder with tung oil to treat scald burns. Salamander stomach plays a role in improving appetite and digestion. Therefore, the construction of the project will benefit the industrialization development of salamander cultivation and reasonable development and protection of resources of Qinba Mountain. Transform the resource advantages into product advantages will extend the industrial chain, drive the development of related industries, accelerate the development of rural economy, and increase farmers' income. Thereout, the project of developing salamander has a broad market prospects.    

           Construction scale and content:    

            Construction scale: standardized salamander cultivation base with annual output of 30,000, including 10,000 baby salamanders bred, 10,000 salamander fries nurtured, 10,000 adult salamanders farmed. And of which 2000 salamanders are released into nature to promote resource conservation. Construction content: On the basis of salamander’s natural breeding and growth habit,20 million Yuan was invested to build the largest scale and standardized breeding base in northwest that conforms to the national special agriculture farming requirements. The standardized breeding ponds and plant with salamander herbarium room, laboratory testing room and rescue room, which totally covers 30,000 square meters, will be established together with the standardized farming system.

          The feasibility of the project construction plan    


           Nanzheng county special aquaculture demonstration farm is located in delta on the southern shore of Lianshui River by Yangchun Bridge, which is two kilometers north of county and lies in the upstream valley. The water source is the Lianshui river of Hanjiang tributary, and the main water source comes from Shiren mountain foot, the south of Xishenba village, remote mountains of Daba, with average flow of 15.18m³/S annually and maximum flow of 121m³/S. The river flowing through hills and mountains, both shores without factories and mines, as well as pollution, so it’s suitable for wild aquaculture. Water quality: PH 6.4-7.5, total hardness 6.96. Water temperature 8-27 ℃. Besides, the soil under river is full of sand, which all provide a good ecological environment for salamander. Salamander owns high value and be regarded as world's rare and precious animal. Hanzhong city is located in the foot of Qinling Daba Mountain, by the Hanjiang River, with superior geographical position and suitable ecological conditions, it is the best region for salamander breeding. Nine of the city's main rivers are rich of salamanders, its total amount is more than 16,000, and the largest one weighs about 28 kg.


         Basic situation of the project construction unit    

          The construction units composed of “Nanzheng county special aquaculture farms” and “Nanzheng County Laowu farms”, with a total area of 53,360 square meters (or 80 acres), it is a restructuring private enterprise, registered capital is 1.6 million Yuan and the existing assets is 8,000,000 Yuan, infrastructure including office buildings, housing and other production equipment. The unit mainly engaged in special aquaculture, fish breeding, and aquaculture technology demonstration and fishing entertainment. The aquaculture farms have recruited 22 employees, among them, there are 2 aquaculture senior engineers, 3 aquatic engineers. Shaanxi Province Zoology Institute and Northwest Endangered Animals Institute also participate in the cooperation so as to guarantee the technological state.

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